HTN partners with training organisations and Host Businesses to create true artisans of the food service industry. We encourage, support, promote, develop the vocational skills of young people who wish to pursue a career in a range of food service industries (from Commercial Cookery to Retail Butchery).

HTN is a not-for-profit organisation, and has earned a reputation as the leading “industry specific” Group Training Organisation in the food service sector within Australia. We are now the largest group employer of Apprentice Chefs and Apprentice Butchers nationwide with offices located in Sydney, Newcastle and Canberra.

HTN is managed and operated by industry professionals who understand the demand for skilled employees. Our highly regarded recruitment and selection program matches Apprentices and Trainees to suitable Host Businesses (according to skills needs and capacity to train).

In addition to our Total Chef training programs, HTN facilitates ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ learning experiences through the ‘HTN Peter Howard Culinary Scholarship’ and ‘HTN Peter Howard Future Chef Scholarships’  which are awarded to aspiring chefs as part of our commitment to inspire and promote hospitality as a desirable career option.