Excelsia College

At Excelsia College (formerly Wesley Institute), our students come from all walks of life, bringing with them many different backgrounds, traditions and experiences
But they have something important in common.
People in our community are passionate about excelling and growing: academically, professionally, creatively, personally, spiritually, and in their understanding of the world and their place in it..
Choosing to undertake an undergraduate or postgraduate degree at Excelsia College will provide you with a firm foundation for your personal and professional life.
You will find a supportive, Christ-centred environment, with world-class academics and accomplished industry professionals who are ready to stand beside you and encourage you on your journey. Your gifts and talents will be fostered as you are challenged to maximise your potential. Small class sizes and interaction with our vibrant, collaborative community provide not only an expansive network of Christians, artists and professionals, but also life-long friendships.
Excitingly, together with Indiana Wesleyan University, we are part of a global Christian learning community with big plans for the future. Excelsia College (formerly Wesley Institute) has 32 years of experience in Christian higher education in Australia, and IWU has 95 years of experience in Christ-centred education in the US and global markets. Together the partners are well positioned to take Christian higher education to the next level in Australia for undergraduate and postgraduate students.
Both in and out of the classroom, we trust you will develop your character as well as your mind, and explore and deepen your faith, so that you are able to engage thoughtfully and sustainably in your vocation and in your community.