Commonwealth Bank – Youth Saver

Bonus interest – make just one deposit and no withdrawals each calendar month and you’ll earn bonus interest on top of your standard interest.
Interest calculated daily and paid quarterly.
Save on fees – no monthly account fee and no withdrawal fees when you use CommBank ATMs and branches.
Regular savings plan – set the amount, set the date.
Easy access – CommBank has the most ATMs of any bank in Australia.
Bank at school – primary school students can bank at school if their school participates in CommBank’s School Banking program.
24/7 banking – use NetBank and telephone banking anytime.
Under 16? – you’ll need permission from your parent or guardian to open an account and for a Keycard. If they do your banking, they can link your Youthsaver to their CommBank accounts and their NetBank, making it easy to access. They can also provide you with enquiry-only NetBank access to check your savings online.
Regular catch-up – we send a statement in the mail every six months so you can keep track of your savings’ progress.