Camp America

Camp America is a summer camp experience in the United States of America. It’s a truly unique immersive cultural exchange, excellent work experience opportunity and the perfect way to spend a gap year or break year. Spend 9-12 weeks working as a camp counsellor working alongside American and other international counsellors.  Work directly with children, instructing or assisting them in a variety of different activities.

Every camp is different so your Camp America experience will be unique to you whilst still giving you the traditional summer camp feeling.

Your story will not only be  one to add to your CV. Camp America will give you a camera full of amazing memories that cannot be found on any tour or travel package. Use the skills and experience you have to make a difference.

Au Pair in America is the perfect combination of childcare, study, travel and cultural exchange. It is a meaningful way to care for children and share experiences, bringing together so many opportunities into one incredible experience. You will live with your carefully selected host family in one of 180 cluster areas around North America. You will be providing childcare for your selected host family for a minimum of 12 months.
As an au pair, you are more than just an employee but an additional family member. You will share your culture with your host family, and in turn, learn about theirs.

We’ve recently started Au Pair in New Zealand as a closer option especially with border’s already open. For a little country, New Zealand sure does things in a big way. Think huge landscapes, adrenaline filled activities and locals with massive hearts… travelling New Zealand is sure to be one of the greatest adventures of your life. And being just over the ditch it’s perfect destination to explore! As an Au Pair, you will help care for the family’s children and help with other simple family chores and errands (as you would at home in Australia). Your free time is yours to explore, travel, meet friends and participate in hobbies.